The SFO owns and operates two state of the art processing facilities in Scotland – one in Fraserburgh in the North East and the other in Uddingston, near Glasgow. Both plants are strategically located to source members' catches as efficiently as possible.

Both plants are dedicated to the production of Scottish Langoustine and we have developed specialist production techniques over the years to maintain the highest level of quality.

We currently produce:

  • Whole Scottish Langoustine in a range of sizes and pack denominations.

  • Individually Quick-Frozen (IQF) shell on Langoustine tails.

The SFO has invested in the most up to date nitrogen freezing equipment to ensure the quality of our frozen products meet the highest possible standards demanded by the market. We continually reinvest in our capital assets to ensure we continue to be the best at what we do.


We have the most modern fleet in Scotland landing to our factories. The care of the catch starts there, then passes through our uniquely developed production techniques. Our relationships with our skippers have been forged over many years and as a result we have a complete understanding of the difficulties experienced by both sides of the catching and processing sector.


Over the years we have built up excellent relationships with our customers and our products are widely acknowledged throughout the industry as being of the highest quality. We currently sell our products to all the main European countries as well as Asia.

We promote our products worldwide and regularly attend seafood exhibitions in Vigo, Qingdao, Tokyo, Boston and of course Brussels.


If you wish to enquire about our products please contact Dale Bellamy or Jean Yves Daniel.