The Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation (SFO) is the largest fish Producer Organisation (PO) in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe. Our role is to help our members optimise the value of our fisheries' resources throughout the value chain, enabling our fishermen, the wider industry and our Coastal Communities to achieve a profitable and sustainable future. 

With around 160 members, the SFO has one third of the Scottish fishing fleet in its membership, covering all sectors (demersal, pelagic, shellfish, offshore and inshore) and most fishing regions within Scotland. SFO members collectively landed around 137,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish in 2018, with a value of approximately £174 million.

The SFO is one of the few European POs that has a history of actively intervening in markets to benefit members’ operations. We currently operate two onshore processing facilities in Scotland which provide employment and generate significant economic benefits to the local and wider Scottish economy.

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